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Why choose Garage Floor Coating of Nashville’s Epoxy Chipped Flooring

Answer: We get asked this a lot, but it’s difficult to answer. First, there are many coating systems to select from…some vary significantly in price-per-square foot. Second, pricing is affected by the extent of concrete damage, the need for moisture mitigation, and whether an existing coating is present or not. The best way to determine your installation cost is to contact us. We’ll have an estimator evaluate your unique space and provide a true estimate.

Answer: Extremely durable. We use the same industrial coating products on your garage floor that we use on our commercial projects.

Answer: We offer multiple types of coating systems in a vast array of styles and colors. Your choices are endless. From our basic clear sealer and seamless solid coatings, to partial and full decorative chipped and mica-infused systems, to our inimitable metallic coatings.

Answer: Installation times vary from 1 to 3 days…with two days being the average. Once installation is complete, we ask our customers not to walk on the floor for at least 24 hours (and up to 48 hours). Regarding vehicular parking, typically 48 to 72 hours is sufficient, however, cure times can vary depending upon the substrate, weather conditions and the type of coating system installed.

Answer: Yes, we can refresh and existing coating. However, we do not coat over a competitor’s floor system due to potential incompatibility issues.

Answer: Yes. Floor coating products can emit odors that range from mildly off-putting to downright offensive. The odor is a manifestation of the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) the product is emitting. And VOCs aren’t healthy. As they accumulate, they lead to poor indoor air quality. Our network of certified installers offers a selection of low odor, low VOC products. No heavy metals, no phthalates, no added formaldehyde. We even offer low-odor floor coating systems that are specifically designed for interior installations. After our products fully cure, the floors are virtually inert and are safe for kids and pets.

Answer: Yes, we repair all damaged concrete including minor and major cracks. Just as in painting, application of epoxy, polyurea-polyaspartic floor coatings is as much about preparation as it is about application. And high-quality concrete preparation requires meticulous attention to the repair of hairline cracks, major cracks, spalling or “pop-outs”, pitting, and concrete erosion. The time spent on these issues will significantly enhance the final appearance of your installed floor coating system

Answer: There’s no comparison in quality between hardware store DIY products and industrial grade coatings. Yes, DIY epoxies are cheap, but they have two serious limitations: low % solids (that peel quickly) and the need for equipment and materials that few DIYers possess. Because of this, DIY epoxy applications are notoriously poor. Much of our business involves DIY “do-overs”.

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