Expert Preparation

We install only the highest quality polymers available on the market!

For industrial floor applications, Garage Floor Coating of Nashville installs only the highest quality concrete flooring available on the market, with expert preparation of the concrete substrate prior to installation. Commercial floors are often subject to higher levels of wear and tear by heavy equipment and personnel.

We recommend the highly durable, scratch-resistant coatings in sufficient millages.

Garage Floor Coating of Nashville has extensive experience recommending and installing moisture vapor barrier epoxies. Our 100%-solids moisture-mitigating epoxy penetrates deeply into the concrete and prevents moisture vapor transmission and resists high hydrostatic pressures. We only use our polyurea-polyaspartic coatings as color coats or clear top coats…never as -direct-to-concrete primers…as they fail to penetrate raw concrete well.

Because of this, our flooring is far more durable and resists peeling. And our warranty reflects our confidence in our coating products and application process. We provide no warranty exclusions to moisture related issues, and in the case of garages, hot-tire transfer.

Various Coating Options!

Full flake multi-layer platinum systems

Various coating options are available for consideration in commercial applications including two to three coat epoxy finishes in a variety of colors and sheen’s. We also install our full-flake multi-layer platinum systems in offices, common areas, retail stores, fire stations, churches, gyms, and other small business spaces.

Need a Concrete Coating?

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