Day One – Step One


Garage Floor Coating of Nashville uses a diamond grinder and hand grinders on all concrete surfaces to effectively remove the top cream layer of concrete and to expose a porous, contaminant-free surface.

Precautions are taken to keep the dust to a minimum. Each technician is experienced in evaluating and preparing the concrete floor to meet our rigorous standards.

If necessary (depending on the current condition of the surface), Garage Floor Coating of Nashville removes pre-existing coatings such as epoxy, paint, and other sealers.

Day One – Step Two


Garage Floor Coating of Nashville repairs cracks, holes, or divots using a special blend of products that provides a superior bond to concrete and can be used on all surface imperfections.

Next, we silicone caulk the perimeter to ensure a seamless bond to the existing baseboard, and/or prepare the baseboard and steps, if applicable, for coating.

Day One – Step Three

Epoxy Flake Flooring Broadcast

After the surface is fully prepped, Garage Floor Coating of Nashville applies our proprietary 100% solids polymer (epoxy) with large 18“ rollers.

Garage Floor Coating of Nashville then applies a full broadcast of decorative color flakes. Your garage doors are lowered manually for the floor to cure overnight.

Day Two – Step Four

Reclaim Excess Flakes

Day two in our process includes the reclaiming of excess flakes on the floor surface using a blower.

After the excess flakes are collected and removed, the floor is shaved and/or buffed to achieve the desired amount of texture.

Day Two – Step Five

Poly Hybrid Clear Coat

Garage Floor Coating of Nashville applies our proprietary industrial grade poly hybrid clear coat. This product dries very rapidly and must be rolled with precision. We apply the highest-quality poly clear coat to ensure a uniform high gloss look that will stand up to the heavyweight of vehicle traffic, hot tires, and more.

We apply a final (second) clear coat with an anti-skid aggregate to protect against slickness.

How To Maintain and Clean Your Beautiful
New Floor Coating.


Sweep or blow out loose dust and debris.

Fabuloso/Soap Cleaner

In a large bucket, mix 1/4 cup of Fabuloso, Simple Green, or your preferred soap cleaner per gallon of warm or cold water.


Apply the solution to the surface of the garage floor coating with a traditional mop or use a large squeegee to remove the water from the surface.

Let it Dry!

Allow the floor to dry, there is no need to rinse.

Keep Rubber Base on Door

We recommend also trying to keep the rubber base at the bottom of the garage door clean so that it does not leave dirt or grime on the floor coating when closed.


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