Full-Flake Epoxy Flooring – Ultra

Our Ultra series of concrete coating systems provides an ideal solution for revitalizing your drab, gray garage floor. The process of installation, completed in just 2 days, commences with a robust epoxy primer that aids in moisture reduction. Following this, we apply your selected Ultra flake blend onto the wet primer coat – you have the choice of 12 distinct flake combinations. Each blend features colored thermoplastic flakes, enabling you to select the one that best matches your personal style.

To complete the process, we seal the primer and flake layers with two coats of our durable, 100%-solids clear polyaspartic. For enhanced safety, we incorporate an anti-skid aggregate into the final polyaspartic coat. The end result surpasses any “1-day” system in terms of appearance and longevity. Once installed, your Ultra coating system will elevate the living space of your home and provide protection against UV rays, stains, impacts, and moisture. Moreover, maintaining your new flooring will be effortless! Contact us today to discover more about our Ultra floor coating choices and bid farewell to your grimy, dusty garage.

Epoxy flooring Ultra garage floor coating layered illustration

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